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At Karratha Painting we have dedicated professional teams comprising of preparation, painting and maintenance crews to ensure that every stage of our painting process is completed to the highest level of industry standards and is signed off by our inhouse inspectors.

To highlight the point of difference that you will receive when engaging us for your next project it is important to consider the main 2 categories that other painters don’t focus on to the extend that we do Preparation and Final Inspection.

As everyone knows – preparation is the key to any great paint work whether its cars, houses or just painting a mailbox. Preparation is where Karratha Painting excels compared to others. Every aspect of our prep work is carefully planned, methodically carried out and inspected during and at preparation completion.

Any paint works looks great from a distance, but it is the close-up comprehensive inspections under spotlights which separates us from the rest. Our in-house inspectors carry out detailed reports during every stage of the home painting service to ensure excellent surface preparation and paint works are carried out and delivered to our client.

Here are just a few examples of what Separates Karratha Painting for the Rest!


Sanding is a major component of preparing timber and metal to accept new paint. By sanding an existing surface it removes any flaky paint and removes the glossy smooth sheen leaving an uneven surface with pits & divits which forms a key or bonding surface whereby paint once applied adheres/bonds securely. Poor sanding results in paint not adhering correctly to the underlying surface and has the risk of peeling and flaking. The pictures shows good quality sanding that we achieve with a top range Festool sander next to average sanding done by hand.

Patching Timbers & Frames

Once all the paintable surfaces have been sanded which may include timbers, doors, architraves, skirtings and door frames then an appropriate surface filler is applied to all areas that have natural or trade created imperfections such as nail holes, exposed mitre joins, countersunk screws, cracks & knots in timbers. The surfaces and patches are then sanded and ready to accept the undercoat.

Patching Walls & Ceilings

In every house over time walls receive the most amount of damage through chips, cracks and stains. In most cases just applying new paint over damaged walls only does 50% of the job and the defects & imperfections on the surfaces are still visible. If a client is going to undertake a project involving paint work, then it is critical to ensure that the surface is in excellent condition to take on new paint. Only then you can appreciate the full benefits of a fresh new paint job. Karratha Painting extensively repairs all surfaces including walls and ceilings to deliver the best possible finish to our client.

Inspections between coats

This component of our service may be the most striking point of difference between Karratha painting and others. Every aspect of our works from sanding & preparation to painting and maintenance all stages are subject to stringent quality controls by our in-house inspectors. Ask yourself if your previous commercial painting contractors have ever inspected their work under spotlight or had any quality controls in place? This is what separates Karratha Painting from the Rest.

Safety Documents

Karratha Painting provides our clients with a full coverage Public Liability insurance certificate. Whether you’re doing a small residential re-model or a compete office building fit out its just peace of mind knowing that your contractors are fully insured. All Karratha Painting team members are always company inducted and carry a comprehensive safety file containing MSDS, safety reports and OH&S manuals. In addition, on every Karratha Painting worksite we provide Safe Work Method Statements and take 5’s for the course of our works.

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